Antique French Floor Clock

This is an antique French floor clock. It is called a Morbier or Comptoise. It is about 200 years old. It sits in a large, decorative case that we left at our customers house. The use of removable steel plates with the gears running between them in one line is a unique trait of this style of clock. 

These are the winding barrels where the cable is held when the clock is wound. They were poorly repaired by a previous repair person. You can see all the extra solder.

These are the barrels once they have been repaired properly. We have a specialist we send gears to be re-cut. He was able to clean off the old solder and solder it correctly.

This is the clock on the bench before assembly. You can see all the gears, dial, movement plates and movement case. 

The clock is assembled and hanging on the wall. We have a bracket that allows us to hang it on the wall without the case.